Title: Tournées Film Festival, McMillan Theater
  Date: Mar 15, 2019
  Time: 7:00 PM
  Calendar: Arts and Cultural (On Campus)
  Contact: Catherine Schmitz
  Description: A Francophone Film festival open to the all! For the First time, Wofford will be presenting 6 Francophone films in McMillan Theater. In partnership with the FACE Foundation. Screenings begin at 7 pm. 
Order of the films :
 1. As I Open my Eyes, 2015  (Tunisian, French, Belgian production), 2. Faces, Places, 2017 (French production), 3. The Workshop, 2017 (French production), 4. Two Days, One Night, 2014 (Belgium, Italian production), 5. Little by Little, 1971 (Nigerian, French production), 6. Fatima, 2016 (French, Arabic production). 

 Free admission. 
  Location: McMillan Theater